TWU meets with Melbourne Councillors: a win for TWU members as Melbourne CBD bike lane plans are paused

July 15, 2022

The TWU Victoria & Tasmania sub-committee has met with Councillors from the City of Melbourne to discuss the dangers facing transport workers as a result of fixed bike lanes.

These discussions exposed the lack of consideration and lack of understanding of the work of essential transport workers who frequent the CBD daily. Further, the meeting highlighted the critical need for consultation with all stakeholders prior to the implementation of any large-scale plans on public roads.

The TWU sub-committee addressed the following:

  • Safe access and appropriate loading zones throughout the CBD.
  • Safe parking options for a variety of vehicles and needs of transport workers whether this be removalists, cash-in-transit workers, freight, gig workers and more.
  • Express bus lanes to keep Victorians moving safely.

It was made incredibly clear that transport workers are essential workers who cannot simply be kicked out of the city in favour of a minority of road users. The TWU will continue to advocate for all TWU members in these forums to ensure that the safety of transport workers in the course of their jobs is not compromised in favour of a minority of road users.