TWU: Righting Wrongs Every Day

November 13, 2017

Every day of every year TWU organisers are called on to assist members who, for one reason or another, have been unfairly (or fairly) dismissed, retrenched or disciplined. 

In performing this essential advocacy work we are regularly able to help more than just that one affected member by pointing out to employers anything that they are not doing that they should be, things they could be doing better or anything they are doing that is simply wrong. 

A recent example began with Branch Organiser Wayne Commerford rolling up the sleeves for a member who was dismissed on-the-spot, without entitlements, after being caught using an illegal substance in the workplace. 

We will never, ever condone or support that behaviour, but we will always fight to secure full entitlements for our members .  

After settling the matter to the satisfaction of all parties, Wayne then took the time to have a quiet word with the company about its drug and alcohol policy – or lack thereof. 

This business – who are ordinarily not bad at following through on their ‘family company’ mantra – were authentically surprised to find its policy was outdated, biased against workers and needlessly leaving employees in the lurch. 

To its credit, the company asked Wayne to assist in putting into place a fair and equitable workplace policy and Wayne, who obviously wants to protect all TWU members as much as possible, was only too happy to help. 

“And to top it all off the new policy has not only cleaned up the company, but also helped a few employees get the help they needed to get off drugs and alcohol,” Wayne said. 


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