July 30, 2020

Attributed to JOHN BERGER


From 11:59 pm last night all drivers will need to demonstrate having had a COVID-19 test within the past 7 days in order to obtain a border crossing permit for New South Wales. 

Once again, and without consultation, the New South Wales Government is imposing further conditions on border permits for essential transport workers when entering into the state.

Transport Workers Union Victoria and Tasmania Branch have the following questions for the New South Wales Government: 

  • Will transport workers receive prioritised testing for COVID-19 to ensure the passage of freight is not impacted? 
  • Will transport workers be made to self-isolate until they receive their test results once a week? 
  • Will Governments encourage businesses to allow for transport workers to undertake testing during work hours? 

Trucking is an essential service. Without trucks – essential goods will stop moving between states. Trucks must continue to move between borders lines without issues.  

The Transport Workers Union Victoria & Tasmania Branch is concerned about the contradictory nature of the advice being given to transport workers between the states. 

In Victoria, transport workers – along with other essential workers – are being directed to present for a COVID-19 test if and when they were to become symptomatic. 

In New South Wales, when transport workers are crossing the border, the Government is recommending that drivers present for COVID-19 tests every 7 days. 

The Transport Workers Union Victoria and Tasmania has been working proactively with the Victorian Government to ensure freight can move quickly and smoothly throughout the state and across the country.

We are once again calling on the New South Wales to clarify their COVID-19 plan for essential transport workers navigating the ever-changing border rules. 

We hope that the New South Wales Government will proactively respond to the queries of Victorian truck drivers in order to ensure a clear passage of freight between the two states.

Drivers are trying to do their jobs and are taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus. Throughout our union, drivers have crossed closed borders for several months now as part of the essential service they provide. Their work in doing this should continue to be recognised and applauded.


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