Victorian Government Plans to Strip WorkSafe

February 21, 2012
The Union is alarmed at a Baillieu Government’s plan to take almost half a billion dollars from the Victorian WorkSafe scheme to balance the state’s finances. No other state or territory has resorted to this. 

The plan that has been announced without explanation is seriously flawed and is likely to drive up premiums and reduce injured workers’ entitlements.
The Government has so far been silent on why they think this is a prudent way to manage the state budget. For this move to go ahead the Government will be required to make changes to the Accident Compensation Act 1985, probably in the first sitting of parliament in 2012.
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have also set up a Facebook page to inform the Union movement of the consequences of the Baillieu plan. We invite members to visit and read more about the campaign. You can also:
  • ‘like’ it
  • sign the petition
  • ask your friends, family and colleagues to do the same, by sending the link to the page.



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