What Qube Workers Want

February 28, 2017

TWU Survey Results

The TWU has received a fantastic response to the EBA Survey conducted at each Qube

Through your surveys, you have told us that you want a strong and fair agreement at
Qube Logistics to change the transport industry for all workers through good jobs,
strong conditions and reform throughout the sector that meet Safe Rates Standards.

We want to secure the EBA for the future, not just any EBA or a rushed one! You’ve told
us that you want a EBA that will take you into the future. You’ve said you are seeking the
following improvements to Pay and Conditions;

A strong union voice on the job to ensure we have a say in our work, can address issues
and build our union:

• Safe Rates and health and safety committees that allow for workers to consult and address issues.
• Induction processes and rights for all workers, including labour and outside hire.
• Paid yard meetings to discuss workplace, safety, industry and community matters; superannuation issues; and industry matters.
• Delegates’ rights, including paid release to educate other workers locally and nationally.
• Labour and outside hire companies to be included in the dispute procedure to address issues.
• Give workers a voice on the job through TWU inductions, meetings and union rights
• A right to a monthly RDO for full time employees.

Safe and fair conditions for all workers doing Qube work and strengthening job security to ensure a skilled, stable workforce that will stop the race to the bottom:

• Annual increases to pay and superannuation that bring you in line with industry standards.
• Owner drivers’ rates to match wage increases in agreement and to ensure full cost recovery for running the vehicle.
• Stronger protections and rights for Casual & Agency workers.
• Wages and allowances to match industry standards.
• Stronger redundancy rights and consultation around workforce changes.
• Stronger outsourcing provisions to allow the ability to enforce clauses in our agreement that address undercutting of contracts.
• Obligation on Qube to consult about technology changes.
• Obligation on Qube to remove warnings after 12 months of being on your record.

Stronger protections for work issues that shape our lives outside of the workplace:

• Mental health clauses and domestic violence leave to allow workers the opportunity to reach out and get help in times of need.
• Cultural leave to allow workers to take part in activities related to their heritage

Where to from here:

From here, the TWU and your committee members will be seeking a meeting with management to ensure we begin negotiations for a better agreement early. We will ensure
we provide constant feedback to members. Only last week the Union and committee members met to discuss results from surveys.

We are stronger together:

If you haven’t already become a Union member, join today and show your support for the people who are working to maintain and improve working conditions at Qube Logistics.

Join the campaign for better pay and conditions online now



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