Wodonga Members’ Dinner

June 18, 2017

Big night at the TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) Wodonga Members’ Dinner.

Special mention to former Branch President David White who received an honour for loyal service to the Union.

These meetings help keep members up-to-date, build comradery among grassroots members working in different sectors of the transport industry and ensure the Branch works together as a unit, rather than a series of unique and fragmented outposts.

In 2017, the Branch will hold 11 dinners. To those hundreds of drivers who have already put on the feed bag this year, thanks for a great night and see you again next year! For those attending one of the five remaining events, see you soon!

Remaining dinners for 2017 are Traralgon (22 September), Geelong (17 November), Hobart (5 December), Devonport (6 December) and Launceston (7 December).

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