April 18, 2019

Australia’s working-class hero, Jimmy Barnes, a little while ago made some time to deliver a heartfelt video message of thanks to TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) members and a plea for all to stay safe on the roads during the Easter period and beyond.

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Thousands of TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) members have been in the audience for his Cold Chisel and solo shows.

But we have also driven tour buses, moved the gear trucks, flew his planes between gigs, served his drinks at altitude and handled his baggage on the ground.  

Jimmy has tasted glory as one of the nation’s most successful performers of all time but his message to members for their years of support and assistance in keeping his show on the road is no doubt one of our favourites.  

“The shows I have been doing have been kept on the road and criss-crossing the country, and the world really, thanks to Victorian and Tasmanian TWU members,” he said.  

“Thousands of members have attended my shows, but they have also been behind the wheels, getting our gear to and from those shows. And they have done a really great job. 

“Although I must say I am waiting for some luggage I lost at Tullamarine, can you find it for me please guys,” he joked.  

Jimmy also said that he has mentioned trucks and planes and trains in his music so often that he should probably be made an honorary member. 

“I will write some more for you if you keep driving safe. Seriously though, it is a fact of life that the transport industry is one of the most dangerous, and thankless, of all the professions,” he said.  

“Our roads are brutal, people getting killed out there all the time. Your members are getting killed, our friends are getting killed and I just want to say thank you for all the work you have done. 

“Stay safe this Easter, and stay safe way beyond, ok.” 

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