The Transport Workers Union (Vic/Tas Branch) exists to advance and protect the interests and rights of members. It believes in the dignity of labour and strength through unity.

The Union is committed to strong effective representation and will fight to achieve justice, a fair deal for all members and to ensure a strong transport industry both today and into the future.

All our members, especially delegates and occupational health and safety officers, stand together in offering their commitment, diversity and expertise to help improve the working conditions for all members.

There is no part of the Australian economy which is essentially more important, not only intrinsically, but in terms of the efficient functioning of the rest of the economy, than the transport sector.

The transport and freight industry also contributes significantly to the livelihood of both everyday Australians and our national prosperity.

Given this, as a Union, we take our responsibilities very seriously in protecting the wages and conditions of our members who work in Australia’s largest service industry.

To ensure that the Union represents members to the very best of its ability, we have organisers, delegates and occupational health and safety officers on the ground and in yards who work on improving membership density in workplaces.

As the peak body for the Victorian transport industry, the Branch initiates programs and campaigns to support the needs of a changing profession, responds publicly to issues affecting the profession and broader community and delivers ongoing training, expert services and support and various resources to support our members.