Road transport is Australia’s deadliest industry.

When wealthy companies at the top of supply chains squeeze transport contracts, the rest of the supply chain is pressured to cut corners in safety. Transport workers are forced to work longer and harder to make ends meet. Far too many people are killed in truck crashes every year, while their families and communities are left devastated.

Transport workers in the gig economy are struggling on low pay, with few rights and no protection from abuse. 

We’re fighting for a Safe Rates system that will lift standards for all transport workers. We’re fighting for the same pay for the same job and to ensure that wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies at the top of the supply chain pay their fair share.

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For too long airport workers have been forced into low-paid, insecure jobs while airlines and airports make billions of dollars in profit.

Workers are struggling, some with just 15 hours per week, below award wages and grueling split shifts which force workers to sleep at the airports.

But we are fighting back. Our airport committees are organising workers right across the aviation sector from cabin crew, security staff, ground handlers, cleaners, caterers, pilots, refuelers and check-in staff. We are serving claims on the nation’s wealthy airports to demand better jobs.

We’re fighting for a safe and secure aviation industry that will lift standards for all airport workers. We’re fighting for the same pay for the same job. We’re holding wealthy airports and airlines to account for safety and fairness.

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The 2020 fight
The TWU is planning widespread industrial action next year in the fight for better, safer jobs and regulation of wealthy companies at the top of the supply chain.