TWU meets with Melbourne Councillors: a win for TWU members as Melbourne CBD bike lane plans are paused

July 15, 2022
The TWU Victoria & Tasmania sub-committee has met with Councillors from the City of Melbourne to discuss the dangers facing transport workers as a result of fixed bike lanes. These discussions exposed the lack of consideration and lack of understanding of the work of essential transport workers who frequent the...

Transport worker uproar: City of Melbourne forced to pause further bike lanes for at least 12 months

June 30, 2022
Since the last update, the TWU has continued to raise the legitimate concerns of transport workers in freight delivery, food delivery, passenger vehicles, courier drivers, cash-in-transit, buses, and furniture removal. The City of Melbourne has agreed to halt construction of further bike lanes for at least another 12 months. TWU members across a variety of...

Roads must be shared safely with all road users: Melbourne City Council forced to pause plans to implement more fixed bike lanes in Melbourne’s CBD

June 10, 2022
Last week, the TWU Victoria & Tasmania launched part one of an eight-point plan to improve safety for transport workers by calling on the Victorian Government and City of Melbourne to pause plans for an increase to fixed bike lanes in Melbourne’s CBD. As a result, plans have been put on hold...