October 15, 2014

Push bike couriers (Pushies) are a fixture of Melbourne’s CBD. Although they are a numerically small part of the transport industry they are an important and often overlooked niche in the diverse and always changing transport industry.

TWU members working at King’s Transport have recently negotiated their first Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA). Some key wins now formalised in the new EBA include a casual conversion clause, consultation clauses and paid delegate training clauses.

These kinds of entitlements have not previously existed for push bike couriers. For the most part Pushies are casual employees with limited rights and very little job security. This is in spite of the fact many have worked systematically for the same companies over many years.

The new union negotiated EBA at King’s Transport establishes and defines employee entitlements, and gives workers the opportunity to have a say in their working future through new consultation clauses and future negotiations.

Together workers are stronger, and can win a better and fairer deal at work.

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