EAA attendants get on board with TWU

November 11, 2015

A LARGE number of Eastern Australia Airlines (EAA) staff have turned to the TWU after radical and unexpected rostering changes were forced by management.

The enlistments further entrench the TWU as the union of choice for flight attendants.

TWU (Vic/Tas) organiser Dissio Markos has been inundated with staff upset with the changes that have seen ‘Tours of Duty’ increased to at least three consecutive days and nine sectors (or flights).

It is a curious management decision to put so many employees off-side given the Eastern Australia Airlines Pty Ltd Flight Attendant Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2010 – 2015 has just expired.

“It is a sad situation as these changes have caused a lot of disruption to their worklife balance,” Mr Markos said.

“Your EBA has now expired and the TWU will be in there banging on the table negotiating your next EBA and the more staff who join up and have a say, the more powerful our arguments.”

EAA delegates have told the TWU News the changes had been a horrible result for workers.

“You would think management would treat their front-line customer service staff better.

I love this job, it is just for me, but it is not a fair workplace at the moment,” one said.

“We took a big step and approached the TWU and now all the flight attendants are getting on board. You can spend a lot of unproductive time whinging in the crew room but this way we are standing up for ourselves.”

There had been no consultation with employees before the changes took place.

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