Melbourne Storm Coach - and the 2017 NRL Coach of the Year - Craig Bellamy with TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) Assistant Secretary Chris Fennell at this year's Branch Delegates Conference

FOOTY FINALS FEVER – Proudly brought to you by transport workers!

September 27, 2017

It is footy finals time and we would like to salute the two groups of workers that will make the AFL and NRL grand finals this weekend possible.

The first are the players. The second are transport workers.

Can you imagine attending a grand final without the involvement of transport workers? And given our high membership density in most yards the majority of those would be TWU members.

The pies and drinks would not be delivered to the grounds, or the merch that must be moved by dock hands or forklift drivers.  And forget about getting a Footy Record.

And how would the Adelaide Crows get to Melbourne or the mighty Melbourne Storm to Sydney without pilots to fly their planes or the cabin crew or under the wing workers? The same goes for all those interstate fans travelling for the game.

Without bus drivers many fans would also struggle to get to the grounds. And without fuel top-ups at the servos you have no chance of driving around with the scarf out the window.

There would also be no cash in the ATM’s without armoured vehicle drivers and without waste management workers you might be watching the game knee-deep in rubbish.

It goes without saying that most of these jobs will be performed while millions of Australians are watching the games.

So we say thank you to all transport workers for keeping the show on the road!




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