Stronger-together as economy and job security falters

August 19, 2016

New Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data figures showing unemployment fell 0.1-per-cent to 5.7-per-cent in July only mask a continuing and disturbing slide in full-time employment, according to ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver.

Since January 2016, part time employment has increased by 101,200, while full time employment decreased 19,900. Underemployment also continues to be a significant problem, with the snapshot reporting that over one million Australians are looking to pick up more work.

The figures also show that a large proportion of people exiting unemployment have not been able to find full-time jobs.

“Clearly, there are many Australians that want to work more hours and are in various casual and precarious work arrangements,” Dave said.

TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) Secretary John Berger said the situation makes it more important than ever for workers to belong to a strong Union – such as the TWU – which fights for job security, saving full-time jobs from becoming part-time, casual or contractual arrangements and wage growth.

“There is no certainty for workers at the moment and it’s a real credit to our Organisers and rank-and-file activists that we’re continuing to rack up some good Agreements,” John said.

“Since the Government was re-elected it has failed to unveil any plans for the creation of jobs and growth – which they didn’t mind talking up before the election – and it has been all over the place on its attitude to industrial matters and wages policy, especially penalty rates. This state-of-flux is understandably making a lot of people nervous.”

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