TWU QAL and QCCA Flight Attendants

April 5, 2016

The TWU would like to categorically inform its members that we are an independent union. We do not support or financially assist any other flight attendant union. Because of your membership of the Union, the TWU has:

           Become party to your EBA agreement,

           Fought for the 15 % meal allowance reduction,

           Fought members dry-cleaning dispute,

           Protected your health and safety by allowing gloves to be worn by workers in economy class,

           Assisted individual members in company meetings, and

           Clarified EBA clause discrepancies.

As members you have the full support of TWU administration staff and delegates. Your Union Organiser, Dissio Markos, is available and contactable 24/ for disputes, enquiries and for any other assistance and we have an in-house General Counsel to provide immediate and expert legal advice.

If you have any issues that need raising, in the first instance, please notify your delegate should it be possible for the matter to be resolved quickly at a local level. In the lead-up to EBA10, members will be sent a confidential survey to convey their issues with the current EBA – which is due to expire on 17 June, 2016. The TWU negotiation team will consist of Aviation Organiser Dissio Markos, TWU legal counsel and delegates.

The process for EBA negotiations is to collate member issues via the survey. The results of the survey form part of the ‘Log of Claims’ taken to the negotiating table. The Log of Claims will not be presented to the company until it has been fully endorsed by the members.

We ask all members to spread the word about what the TWU has achieved in the short time it has been representing you. Please encourage crew to join the TWU to ensure that your rights and conditions continue to be protected. We are proud to be representing you for the first time in EBA negotiations, a historic moment as there will be two unions at the negotiating table.

We are experienced in EBA negotiations. We are also currently negotiating the Jetstar EBA & Eastern Australia Airlines (QantasLink) Flight Attendant EBA. 

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