Workhealth release statistics

June 20, 2011

Workhealth have released some interesting statistics that relate to the 340,000 health checks that have been completed as of March 2011.


  • 66% of participating workers were found to have a medium to high risk for type 2 diabetes, and nearly 18% were found to have a medium to high risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Men are more prone to high risk of these preventable chronic diseases than women
  • One in four workers had elevated blood pressure
  • One in four workers had high blood glucose levels
  • One in four workers had total cholesterol above the normal range
  • 92.9% don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables
  • 70% reported inadequate exercise
  • 32.9% drink alcohol at risky levels
  • 18.2% reported smoking

For more information about WorkHealth click here.


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