Janet Jones receives an honorary membership from the Branch Committee of Management and TWU Federal Assistant Secretary Michael Kaine (fourth from left).


September 8, 2017

“The TWU are like a favourite uncle, invaluable really.”


To Janet Jones, who recently retired from record management company Iron Mountain, workmates were like family.

Which is why she will be remembered as a passionate TWU delegate who bent over backwards, left no stone unturned and did everything humanely possible to help colleagues.

Janet recently came into our Port Melbourne headquarters to receive a well-earned TWU Honorary Membership in recognition of unwavering service, dedication and selflessness.

“The TWU provided tremendous support and training to allow me to assist my colleagues – which I loved because we were like one big family,” Janet said.

“I don’t regret being a delegate, not a single day out of the 19 years, it was a terrific and life-changing experience. The union back-up allowed me to make sure the people who I worked with were looked after. The TWU are like a favourite uncle, invaluable really.

“They are a great union and do everything they possibly can for members, unions are the best thing ever for workers.”

We had such a great reaction from this article in the TWU NEWS that we decided to pop it up online.

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