June 9, 2018

Ventura TWU Delegates met this week to discuss your upcoming EA. 

The following claims were determined:

*  4% wage increase each year

*  1% increase to Superannuation each year

*  Minimum 3hrs engagement for casuals

*  Service Grants for Mon-Fri casuals

*  Double time for overtime on rail replacement , charter and Night Rider

*  Double time on the 6th day

*  Minimum 4 hrs for being called in for overtime

*  Limiting the use of casuals on track work

*  Minimum 4hrs for part-time shifts

*  New Roster Consultation clause

*  10 min Fatigue Break between 2nd and 3rd hours

*  15% shift allowance for ALL route work after 10pm , including rail/tram

*  Meal allowance for 2hr overtime before shift

*  Union Delegate induction clause

*  Status quo for Dispute Settlement

*  Include Local depot issues.

The first meeting with Ventura management is scheduled for 18 June. 

All TWU-BUS Ventura members will receive an SMS from the TWU following each EA meeting with an update.

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