July 7, 2017

TWU-Bus has spent a number of years, as members would be aware, campaigning for increased driver security.

One of the problem areas has been dispute and/ or conflict regarding fare evasion and touching on.

TWU-Bus has proposed for some time that the ticketing obligation should be removed from drivers by installing voice-over technology that reminds passengers to touch on. This removes the obligation from the driver, meets operator contractual obligations in regards to ticketing and reduces conflict.

We are happy to report that CDC officially launched a voice-over system yesterday at a ceremony attended by TWU Assistant Branch Secretary Chris Fennell, TWU-Bus organisers, delegates and members. CDC is the first operator in Victoria, following consultation with TWU-Bus and delegates, to introduce this technology.

TWU-Bus, CDC Sunshine delegate Steve Saykarosky and CDC depot manager Frank Hurley recently boarded a vehicle equipped with the system and it was effective. It involves an external speaker reminding passengers to touch on as the doors open and they board the bus. Drivers can also activate an internal announcement if required.

We welcome any initiative that removes members from potential conflict. The TWU have presented PTV with this proposal many times and they are supportive going forward. Transdev are now also looking to adopt voice-overs.

TWU Senior Bus Organiser Mike McNess said credit must be given where credit is due.

“TWU-Bus first heard this idea from a delegate at Transdev Keysborough a few years ago,” Mike said.

“That delegate is now TWU-Bus Organiser Imran Malik who has seen his idea become a reality.”

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