CC Containers members: Found voice in workplace after joining the TWU

October 23, 2017

WORKERS at CC Containers began 2017 toiling away without knowing if they were being paid the right whack or correct penalties and conditions under the company’s complex pay and grading system.

Well, they know now!

After contacting the TWU, these workers – many of whom are first time union members – have gone through a real-time crash course in workplace relations and will finish the year with a certified Fair Work Australia agreement.

The new members unanimously-endorsed the agreement which features immediate hourly increases and new classifications that reflect industry standards and 10-per-cent overall wage increases by 2020 for all staff, including administration.

TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) Secretary John Berger said he was happy the union could help hammer out an agreement for new members who had approached the TWU believing we could help.

“This is what unions are all about. In just a few months these workers have gone from wondering, but simply not knowing, if they could get a better deal. Now they are the ones with a strong voice in the workplace and they are certainly being heard, they have better wages and conditions and a good story to tell their mates,” John said.

”Over time they will realise all the other different ways that Unions help members and we will work hard to ensure they remain union members for life.”

If you know workers who may not be getting a great deal in a non-unionised yard we encourage you to share this story with them. Or pass it over to non-members in your own yards, it may inspire them to join the TWU and support those working to maintain and improve working conditions.


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