Team Jetstar – Bargaining for Replacement Enterprise Agreement

August 6, 2013

The TWU met with Jetstar on Wednesday 17 July 2013 in Melbourne in ongoing negotiations for a replacement Team Jetstar enterprise agreement.

Whilst Jetstar and the Union had previously rejected each other’s proposed agreements, Jetstar did begin to move on some of our claims. The company has tabled a revised agreement for our consideration which shows movement on the following items;

1. A revision of the allowances and possible treatment for tax purposes

2. URTl leave as per the modern award

3. Personal leave and medical certificates

4. TWU recognition and freedom of association

5. A stronger dispute resolution procedure

6. A restructure of Jetstar’s guidelines, for such things as days off and call in procedures

7. A restructure of hours of work, duty period limitation and rest periods (we are pleased that rest
periods have been adjusted to increase greater rest time for our members)

8. Recognition in the agreement for meal allowance

9. Payment by the company for passports and visas

10. The introduction of part time positions to allow for flexibility for those employees who seek it

At our next meeting, the company will put forward their proposal for wage increases. We have already put to the company that their proposal for wage increases needs to properly remunerate our members for the flexibility and commitment given to the job. The wages proposal will need to be considered in the context of the other claims agreed to as a package.

Union Aviation Organiser Dissio Markos and your Workplace Delegates will be in contact with you in the coming weeks to report on latest developments and discuss the Union’s progress and our log of claims. We welcome your ongoing input at anytime.

The next meeting with Jetstar is 22 August 2013 in Melbourne. For any queries or concerns please contact Union Aviation Organiser Dissio Markos on 0411 221611.

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