February 19, 2018

TWU (VIC/TAS BRANCH) Secretary John Berger has been meeting up with members as we get closer to kicking-off the 2018 TWU-BUS EBA discussions with each operator.

John and TWU-BUS officials have recently held a few BBQ’s for members, including Transdev Doncaster, Dysons Bundoora, Ventura Dandenong and CDC Geelong.

We have more of these events planned so get along, if there is not a BBQ planned for your yard contact your TWU Delegate or TWU Organiser.

There is no doubt a growing solidarity among grassroots members who are keen to dig in and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to win the best deal possible for their futures.

We encourage all TWU-BUS members to tell those work colleagues who are not union members what we are doing for them and ask them to join up.

Unity gives us strength and strength gives us power.

Meanwhile, TWU/BAV Industry Agreement talks are continuing. Your TWU is pushing for a minimum of 4% per year wage rise and 1% per year increase to employer superannuation contributions.

TWU–BUS Organiser Bob Lean has already been working with our Delegates in Transdev workshops on their EBA’s which are fast approaching resolution.

Transdev are to provide some further responses over scheduling of breaks. At this point a final draft will be taken to a vote.

TWU members have stood strong on a number of issues and resisted changes proposed by Transdev.

On the other hand, negotiations at Martyrs Bus Service, which operates between Warburton and Lilydale, are playing out a little differently.

Those members are pursuing a rollover of their current EBA and back pay for unpaid wage increases. While negotiations have been difficult these TWU members and the TWU have stood together in fighting for these conditions. A Protected Action application has been successful and an Australian Electoral Commission ballot is currently underway. 

Only TWU members can participate in this action and, as is often the case, some of those few non-members left in the yard were quick to join in order to support their workmates and be part of the fight.

This also applies to all workplaces and Victorian TWU-BUS members know that 2018 is going to be big year for EBA’s and fighting to protect your workplace conditions.

If you are not a TWU member, join now so that when your turn comes you can protect your workplace conditions.

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