May 11, 2018

It has been an extremely active start to 2018 for TWU-BUS, fighting for your rights and organising for secure jobs and pay rises during ongoing EA negotiations.

TWU-BUS Organisers joined hundreds of TWU members and more than 100,000 vocal unionists on Wednesday in protesting the Coalition Government’s broken industrial rules. The Change the Rules Rally was the largest rally of Australian working people for years and shut down Melbourne for three hours.

Make no mistake, what we are fighting for is protecting important things our members already enjoy – like penalty rates – and we need to change the rules to ensure fair wages and more secure jobs.

Non-TWU workers from operators big and small are starting to understand what the TWU can do for them and have been signing-up in droves. These non-members are getting the message that the more power we have, the more we can demand for workers and the harder we can fight.

Already this year operators Martyrs, Murrays  and Transdev Mechanics offered better deals just before protected action was to be taken.

We are deeply-indebted to all TWU-BUS Delegates for the hard work they put in to achieve these results.

A few days ago Branch Secretary John Berger joined TWU-BUS Organisers to catch up with members over a BBQ at CDC’s newly-opened Wyndham Depot.

Like other EA’s, TWU-BUS expects the CDC negotiations will be difficult. It is understood that CDC want a State-wide Agreement. We need all workers to get behind the TWU campaign because – apart from securing better pay and conditions – we need CDC to recognise any local EA conditions or differences between the depots.


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