Tasmania introduces new inspection standards

March 8, 2016

Tasmanian-based trucking operators have a new set of heavy vehicle inspection standards to follow after the adoption of the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual Version 2 (NHVIM).

The Tasmanian Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual (THVIM) was the previous standard. The ACT also made an early move to the new manual which is scheduled to be implemented across Australia’s other states and territories on July 1.

According to the manual, “most of the changes are minor in nature and are based around ensuring inspection criteria are clear and to reflect advances in vehicle design and construction” and “operators should not see any dramatic changes in the inspection process or the failure criteria.” The manual provides authorised officers and industry with consistent criteria for heavy vehicle inspections. The use of the NHVIM will ensure a nationally consistent approach to improve vehicle standards compliance and help reduce vehicle downtime.

The NHVIM is the first part of the National Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Program which aims to improve the overall safety of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet through a range of initiatives, including a clear national inspection standard, agreed qualifications and equipment for those performing inspections and a consistent approach to the management of heavy vehicle defects across borders.

To view the new manual, visit https://www.nhvr.gov.au/safety-accreditation-compliance/vehicle-standards-and-modifications/nhvim

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